My FA Online pieces thus far.

Very special thanks to Martin Skidmore for indulging me a place to write and his many words of encouragement all throughout.

Deadpool MAX #1-2

My first review for FA. Summoned the first paragraph out of the ether at the last minute.

Richard Stark’s Parker: The Outfit

Quite proud of this one – nearly a month of staring at ten pages of notes that finally came together. Which is a ridiculous amount of time to write a 2100 word review, but I like to think it reads okay.

Invincible Iron Man #500


Batman: Odyssey #6

Youtube stunt with the part of Neal Adams played by Jean Pierre Leaud, just like you’d always suspected. Elicited my only genuine comment – I cherished your disdain like a ragged teddy bear for weeks afterwards, Will Morgan.

Comic Book Comics #5

This one is vaguely amusing.

Xombi #1 Vs. Xombi #1

NOW WITH SCANS. Torturous thing that wouldn’t stop, eventually ballooning into 4500 words, a good third of which were half-thoughts and intangible generalizations that may eventually find their place in an essay about horror (if I can be bothered). You won’t find them within this review, thank god.

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